I facilitate freedom for anyone ready to make a deep and lasting impact in their lives.

Perhaps you’ve already tried another therapy before. Rapid Transformational Therapy® by Marisa Peer is different. It targets the root cause in a short amount of time.

Read some of our fan's comments and see for yourself!

- Pet Allergies -

You know one of the most important aspects when it comes to working with the subconscious mind, is that it is a vulnerable process.

So you need a person you can trust and rely on.
Melanie is the kind of person, you can trust and that has your best interest
in mind.

She’s an amazing hypnotherapist.
She’s got a firm hold on her crafts and knows how to work with the subconscious mind for the betterment of your life experience.

Daniel, Norway

- Confidence -

Before my RTT session, I was battling a lack of confidence in my capabilities as a leader of a team, feeling I had little to no value to give. I also had zero structure or routine to my day which resulted in a very poor work/life/study balance. 

Improvements happened very quickly for me - I stopped stopping myself!
Melanie guided me to understand where, and why, my beliefs were formed which meant I could let them go, and even upgrade them.
I have been dealt some unexpected challenges just recently ... none of which have thrown me off track!  My confidence in my ability is unquestionable right now and I can't thank Melanie and this method enough.  A very relaxing method with incredible results.
Beverly, United Kingdom

- Auto-immune: Hashimoto's and Thyroid -

Melanie is a true professional, she was articulate, insightful, competent in the subject matter and empathic, she was fantastic to work with. I felt safe, heard, understood and at ease during the session.

Melanie guided me through the complicated scenes that came up during the regression and skilfully used questioning techniques and the RTT tools to assist me to unearth the root cause of the lifelong issue I had developed as a child.

I felt an enormous release and healing during the session.

Thank you so much, Melanie, I am so grateful.


Tessy, Australia

- Auto-immune: Lupus -

I was having joint pain and inflammation. During the session with Melanie, I felt that I was being listened to, not judged. She conducted our session with such compassion.

After the session, my symptoms greatly improved. I have more energy and the swelling and inflammation have greatly improved. My skin issues also improved.

I was able to exercise longer and I slept SOO well.

The result was more than I thought I would get out of a hypnotherapy session. I admit I was a little bit sceptical at first, but Melanie blew me out of the water.

I liked the fact that Melanie was so personable, compassionate and kind when I worked with her. I also liked the
the fact that she produced a recording that was unique to me.

I would most definitely recommend it for any issues whether it be physical, emotional, mental, stress, or anxiety.

Fantastic experience!

Cathy, Canada

- Adenomyosis -

Before my RTT session, I was searching for relief from the physical pain caused by my gynaecological condition, which greatly affected the quality of my life.

Melanie created a safe and comfortable space. I felt very comfortable in her care and looked forward to our RTT session.

The session was extraordinarily beneficial. My physical health and psychological health have improved dramatically from only one session!

My physical condition has greatly improved since my session. I am amazed at how much my health has improved in such a short period of time. I have tried many avenues for the last two years, and nothing has helped me as much as RTT. I have not been this healthy and well in years.

I was very impressed with the immediate increase in confidence. I felt worries that were once hard to shake off, melt away effortlessly. RTT restores hope and power to those it serves.

I would recommend Melanie’s RTT practice to friends and family for any psychological and physical ailments, as I know she will provide compassionate care that is accepting and validating.
They will receive the support, care, and guidance required to improve the quality of their life.

I am so grateful to have received care from Melanie. I feel blessed to receive such a gift.

Sasha, Canada

- Dealing with confrontations -

Melanie has helped me so much.
She was so comforting and confident in what she was doing during our session.

To anyone that wants to become a better version of themselves, or struggles with an aspect of their life, RTT can really make a difference.

And Melanie is an amazing hypnotherapist.
She helped me realise how much more I could be and it was so easy.
All that you have to do is be still, relax and be coachable.

Then you only listen to the recording before sleep and your life will change.

Aanstad, Norway

- Confidence & understanding of Technology -

I wanted a session on my lack of confidence and my lack of understanding in using technology. I didn’t grow up with technology and it all seemed so foreign, so unavailable and so overwhelming to me.

Melanie very graciously jumped forward and offered to help. When we spoke, she said that she could understand where I was coming from as she did not grow up with technology at first, either. She grew up in both worlds, both before technology was the “thing” and now presently when technology drives our world. She could understand how the field of technology could seem to be a foreign territory.

I can now acknowledge that it’s OK that I don’t have all the answers and that there’s a whole lot about technology that I don’t know. Even young kids don’t know everything about technology! It’s OK for me to ask for help. I was the one putting pressure on myself and feeling “less than” because I kept asking questions. I’ll learn what I need to learn as I need to learn it. There’s always someone who can help me.

A tremendous sense of relief, that in order for me to get my online business up and running, I don’t need to be a tech genius! Whew!

I would recommend Melanie for this very issue J or for issues dealing with “things that are not available to me”. I thought I was too old to be able to learn technology. But the knowledge IS available to me as long as I have the mindset that I can learn it.

Anonymous, Vietnam

- Smoking cessation -

Prior to my Rapid Transformational Therapy session with Melanie (Mel) I was concerned as to why I felt like smoking cigars when I was at the same time, I acknowledged the dangers of smoking to my health and the health of others around me. I had formed a habit over many years which had to be broken but needed assistance in working out why I had the habit in the first place as I did not consider myself addicted to nicotine. I met Mel and on learning of her skill in RTT, thought hey, why don’t I follow my intuition about her expertise and book a session with her.

I am delighted with the results I achieved from my treatment and somewhat amazed at how my life changed so quickly following my treatment. The changes I wanted to achieve occurred directly after my session with Mel and the whole process has been effortless.

I have seen an immediate change and my overall health and well-being have improved as a result of Mel’s’ caring treatment. I’d never undergone Rapid Transformational Therapy before and was supported in entirety through pre-session briefing, during the session and post the session with follow-up well-being support.

Mel provided positive affirmation recordings as part of her treatment and those recordings have been invaluable to me in providing support so, thank you again Mel!!…for helping me back to how nature intended me to be – a non-smoker! I have not “needed” or wanted to have a cigar, for any reason, since your treatment.

I highly recommend Mel as she is extremely professional and supportive.

Nigel, Australia

The numbers

The numbers don't lie. Hours of intense training and practice sessions, developed my skill to deliver a session that is on point and professional. Trained by Marisa Peer herself, I have gained insightful knowledge across various issues.

Vast studies have been done on the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy and the results are astounding!

  • Hypnosis effectiveness on smoking cessation - 90.6%
  • Weight loss subjects lost more weight than 90% of others and kept it off !
  • Increases the amount of of time you spend in deep sleep by as much as 80%
  • Amount of times our clients recommend Happy Thoughts CO Hypnotherapy - 100%

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