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Welcome to the transformative world of RTT® Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation and breaking FREE from ADDICTION – your tailored solution for an addiction-free future.


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- Smoking cessation -

Prior to my Rapid Transformational Therapy session with Melanie (Mel) I was concerned as to why I felt like smoking cigars when I was at the same time, I acknowledged the dangers of smoking to my health and the health of others around me. I had formed a habit over many years which had to be broken but needed assistance in working out why I had the habit in the first place as I did not consider myself addicted to nicotine. I met Mel and on learning of her skill in RTT, thought hey, why don’t I follow my intuition about her expertise and book a session with her.

I am delighted with the results I achieved from my treatment and somewhat amazed at how my life changed so quickly following my treatment. The changes I wanted to achieve occurred directly after my session with Mel and the whole process has been effortless.

I have seen an immediate change and my overall health and well-being have improved as a result of Mel’s’ caring treatment. I’d never undergone Rapid Transformational Therapy before and was supported in entirety through pre-session briefing, during the session and post the session with follow-up well-being support.

Mel provided positive affirmation recordings as part of her treatment and those recordings have been invaluable to me in providing support so, thank you again Mel!!…for helping me back to how nature intended me to be – a non-smoker! I have not “needed” or wanted to have a cigar, for any reason, since your treatment.

I highly recommend Mel as she is extremely professional and supportive.

Nigel, Australia


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